Eating out along the Ría

The Ría and its small fishing and market towns arguably entertain us with the freshest sea food restaurants in Galicia, after all - the catch of the day could well be on your plate within minutes of being landed. Here is a small selection of our personal favourites covering the towns of Muros, Noia and Serra de Outes with a couple of extra "off the beaten track" restaurants that are worth a visit.


A Esmorga: Cabo, 50. Muros. Ph: (+34) 981 826 528. 

A busy family-run restaurant located at the north end of Muros town, just around the corner from the fish market. It has a great reputation for its fresh fish menu and the upstairs dining area gives great views of the ría.

Don Bodegón: Porta da Vila, 19. Muros. Ph: (+34) 981 827 802. 

Situated just a stone’s throw from the fish market itself, this old fisherman’s restaurant has great write ups, a charming original decor and a fine selection of fresh fish of the day with great wines. Perfect for an evening meal.

Pulpería Pachanga: Av. Calvo Sotelo, 29. Muros. Ph: (+34) 981 826 048. 

Lining the arched promenade that runs the length of Muros. This crooked old building is one of the most popular in town for generous portions, fast service and great value. It is always bustling, with a busy, chatty atmosphere and feels almost like a fast fish-food restaurant: One of our favourites.

Casa Anido: Anido, 149. Muros. Ph: (+34) 981 826 176. 

Oddly, restaurants situated right next to the waters of the Ría are rare and we wish there were more, but Casa Anido does offer up that al fresco, ocean-dining experience with traditional dishes and a perfect outdoor location, sitting on its very own mini-peninsula just as you approach the town of Muros.

Serra de Outes

Pizza Italia: Av. Fisterra, 31. A Serra de Outes. 15230. Ph: (+34) 981 850 163. 

Run by a fun loving, authentic Italian chef and with a warm and welcoming decor, Pizza Italia conjures up delicious pizzas and pastas as well as hearty meals. Well priced and with a take-away menu, it is the perfect place for a genuine slice of Italian cuisine in the heart of Galicia.

Amanda: Capela, 7. Serra de Outes 15230. Ph: (+34) 981 850 180. 

Casa Amanda sits in the small town of Outes. It offers up traditional Galician fare and is renown for the quality of its Carne a la Piedra dish.

Areal: Sernón s/n. Outes. Ph: (+34) 981 850 857. 

Areal has both an excellent traditional Galician menu and a fine oven baked pizza menu available. It does a great Carne a la Piedra and offers up a fine selection of wines. Set just slightly off of the main road in Outes, it also has a very pleasant glass-housed dining area in the back garden and a playground for the kids to run around in.

John Turkey: Serra de Outes

Worth a mention on the map is the John Turkey - if you're missing that British Pub feeling - pop in - great decor, a pleasant atmosphere and a proper pint in a sports screened environment.


Casa Santolo: Calvario, 2. Noia 15200. Ph: (+34) 981 820 196.

Resides at the entrance to the town of Noia: This family-run restaurant has been going for over 50 years and is famed for its excellent seafood and meat dishes. The lunchtime Menu del Día can be yours for around 11euros. For the evening menu you’ll have to dig a little deeper at around 40 euros per head.

El Ferrador: Costa do Ferrador, 11. Noia 15200. Ph: (+34) 981 820 080. 

One of the famed kitchens in Noia; provides a traditional Galician menu of fish, meats and good wines at the higher end of the market.

O Forno: Mazacáñamos, 13. Noia. Ph: (+34) 981 821 604. 

An authentic classic: O Forno belies its small entrance and is a large but aesthetically warm, old-time restaurant. It is extremely generous with its portions and simple in its menu, providing high quality seafood, great wines and an excellent prompt service. Great value too.

Taberna da Pepa: Plaza do Tapal, s/n. Ph: (+34) 618 542 734. 

If sitting outside and enjoying tapas appeals, then you should make your way to the old square of Tapal and enjoy the view of the fantastic church of San Martín whilst indulging in the excellent tapas provided by Taberna da Pepa.

Tasca Típica: Rúa do Cantón, 17. Noia. Ph: (+34) 981 821 270. 

The old part of Noia is a charming place to sit down outside and watch the world go by. The classic Tasca Tipica encapsulates this essence as you nibble on a fine tapas menu beneath its old arches: A very enjoyable experience.


O Freixo 

Pepe do Coxo: Ribeira do Freixo, 60. Ph: (+34) 981 765 189.

Opened in 1964 this family-run restaurant is situated right on the corner of the harbour road that takes you in to the port of O Freixo. Over the years the news of the quality of its seafood tapas and in particular its famed oysters has spread quietly through the mountain villages to ensure its popularity. In fact the word has now spread as far as Madrid!


Muiño: Rueiro Ribeira de Maio, s/n. Ribeira de Maio, Muros. Ph: (+34) 981 763 885. AP 25€.

Restaurant Muiño is famed in the region for its rice with bogavante (giant lobster) dish and for an exceptional Carne a la Piedra. You can pick and choose your own giant lobster from the bubbling tanks that reside in the bar area. The restaurant is especially popular with the locals and can be found on the right hand side of the main road as you enter Esteiro.

Cruceiro de Roo

Casa Peto: Cruceiro de Roo, s/n. Outes 15287. Ph: (+34) 981 765 024. 

The tiny but quaint old village of Cruceiro de Roo (between Outes and O Freixo) is blessed by the family cuisine offered up at O Peto. The lunchtime Menú del Día is particularly popular with the working locals who fill up the restaurant in the day. Great value meals topped off by delicious homemade cheesecakes and pineapple tarts. Not complicated.

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